What people say about External Wall Insulation - Greenhus

What people say about External Wall Insulation

Thinking about External Wall Insulation from Greenhus? Be confident – here’s what our customers say. They’ll also say it to you – many of our customers are happy to act as referees.

We no longer have a damp problem & it is very noticeable how the heat is retained when the central heating is switched off. To date our annual reduction in fuel costs is over £500!

Mr and Mrs JB, Saltash

Before the EWI was installed I used to have real trouble keeping the house warm and constant issues with condensation, penetrating damp and mould.

Now the weather has got colder, I am really starting to see the benefits of the EWI. Before, even with the heating on constantly the house would struggle to warm up, whereas now I put it on for an hour and it will stay warm all evening.

Cosmetically the house looks like new again and it is good to know it will not need re-painting for at least 30 years. The silicone render is definitely worth the money.

Mr C, Plymouth

Our home is very noticeably warmer now – it warms up quickly and retains the heat, which it didn’t do previously- it was hard to maintain a constant comfortable heat. The heating comes on for a very short period now and then gets switched off without the house seeming to chill.

In the downstairs cloakroom I have a natural slate floor which used to get very wet with condensation in winter – this has not occurred at all this year.

The installation was, and still is, the talk of my village – and the neighbouring one. I have had huge interest in the effect it has had on the warmth of our home and many comments on how the external appearance has been very dramatically improved.

Mrs AC, Taunton

We were expecting to have to spend thousands of pounds repairing the old render and re-painting. Instead, we put the money towards EWI and now have a smart new house with much improved ‘liveability’.

Before installing EWI we struggled to keep our house warm and there were considerable temperature variations from room to room. Often we would resort to wearing a coat while waiting for a room to warm up when we started using it. Temperature fluctuations led to a major problem with mould from damp caused by condensation.

Now, it is easy to maintain a comfortable, even temperature throughout the house with just a trickle of heating. An unexpected bonus is the improved sound insulation.

Mr and Mrs MS, Fordinbridge

I think the £10K expenditure has been almost balanced by the increase in value to the property as I had the property valued before and after

Mrs C, Landlord, Plymouth

Very happy and have received lots of positive comments from our friends, family, neighbours and from passers-by.

Mr and Mrs GD, Plymouth

The look of our home is greatly improved.

Mr and Mrs F, Yelverton

Condensation on the walls had been a problem in previous winters and is now eliminated.

Mr and Mrs L, Shepton Mallett

The house looks great; I have had lots of compliments on how good it looks and even had someone who commuted past my house watching the work in progress. He knocked on my door to enquire about the work and who to go to, to get a quote.

Mr W, Saltash

We quickly noticed the difference it made to the warmth retained in the rooms.

The finished exterior coating is excellent and definitely enhances the appearance of the property, together with the slate sills.

Mr and Mrs H-B, South Molton

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