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The Benefits of External Wall Insulation

Choose External Wall Insulation and your walls can be transformed to give new-build performance. You’ll get warm, stay warm and spend less on heating. External Wall Insulation has many other benefits – find out more by reading on.

Install External Wall Insulation from Greenhus and enjoy the following wonderful benefits:

  • Save money on heating bills
  • Reduce heat loss through your walls
  • Improve energy-efficiency in your home or business
  • Reduce condensation and improve comfort levels
  • Prevent damp and mould from taking hold
  • Improve the acoustics of your building – keep noise out
  • Improve the appearance and increase the value of your home or business
  • Gain a sense of pride in your home
  • Help the Environment by burning less fossil fuel

Save money on your heating.

Money saved on heating gives you 01-benefits-of-ewi-save-moneymore to spend elsewhere. Heating is a primary human need; as an essential expense, it makes sense to save on heating costs and free-up money for other needs. How much you save will depend on many factors, although the Energy Saving Trust estimates savings of £455 per annum for a typical gas-heated home.

What is guaranteed, however, is that by reducing the amount of heat you
need to put into your building, you will lessen the burden on your heating system – this will create savings on your fuel cost. External Wall Insulation by Greenhus will reduce the amount of heat you need to put into your home.

Transform your home.

External Wall Insulation can give your home a complete makeover, giving you pride in your home. Plus, as it’s now more energy-efficient and won’t need maintenance, it’ll be a more attractive proposition when you come to sell it!


Be warmer.

By drastically reducing the amount of heat that is lost 04-benefits-of-external-wall-insulation-warm-homethrough your walls, you will enjoy a much more stable temperature. As more heat will stay for longer, your heating system will not work as often or as long, and you will not experience the regular heating/cooling/re-heating cycle that occurs with uninsulated solid walls.

Be healthier – reduce condensation and mould.

Condensation occurs when air-borne moisture meets a cooler surface and “condenses” into liquid. When this occurs in a building, the resulting dampness can encourage the growth of mould. Without External Wall Insulation, internal wall temperatures are a lot closer to the temperatures of the external surfaces, i.e. they are cold enough to encourage condensation. Choosing External Wall Insulation reduces this risk by helping to raise the temperature of the internal walls.

wall-insulation-EWI_Explained_MouldThe great advantage of external wall insulation over (e.g.) internal wall insulation is that it removes the dew point to the outside of the building – this means any interstitial condensation can only occur outside the fabric of your building.

If the exterior of your home or business is cracked or in poor repair, water could be travelling through the walls to the inside of your rooms. External Wall Insulation provides a waterproof, protective barrier and will seal your building against the elements.

Be quieter – improve your acoustics.

wall-insulation-EWI_Explained_Reduce_Sound_LevelsThe high-density insulation used in External Wall Insulation reduces sound-transfer. This means less noise enters your home or business, giving you a more comfortable environment. Alternatively, you could be happy that less noise escapes!

Save energy – help the environment.

If you are reliant on gas, LPG, oil or coal to heat your home or business, you will be burning fossil fuel to generate the heat you use. (This is also likely to be true if you are all-electric.)


Burning fossil fuels produces harmful carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).

By choosing external wall insulation, you are improving the thermal properties of the building and reducing the heat required to warm it. You are therefore reducing the burning of fossil fuels, and helping the environment. For a fuller explanation, please see our section Save Carbon.

External Wall Insulation from Greenhus has many benefits – to find out how they apply to you and your home or business, simply call 01822 819 911 or complete our Contact Form.

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