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Large end-terraced house, Plymouth. Decoration frustrations gone!

The homeowner was fed up with mould, condensation and the deterioration of decoration on many of the internal walls, which wasn’t helped by water ingress through his solid-brick walls. He also didn’t like that his home that turned cold shortly after turning the heating off. Turning to Greenhus to apply a 90mm EPS-based EWI system finished in virgin white, he now enjoys a home that stays warm with the occasional boost of heating (with much lower heating bills). After allowing the walls to dry out, he can now decorate with the confidence it will last. He is also pleased with the new clean appearance, and enjoys the positive comments from neighbours and visitors.

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Large mid-terraced house, Tavistock. Makeover and waterproofing for privately-rented house.

The landlords wanted to improve the appearance of their stone-built tenanted property. Being in a Conservation Area, it needed Planning Permission, so Greenhus supplied details and drawings to support the application, which was unchallenged. Featuring a 120mm mineral wool-based installation, the house is now warmer and drier, with positive comments from the tenants. Importantly, the owners have the confidence that they have protected the fabric of their building for many decades to come.

Mid-terraced house, Taunton. Complete new look for upgraded home.

The owners wanted to improve the appearance and thermal performance of their solid-brick property. They chose Greenhus to install a 90mm EPS-based system finished in traffic white; the colour was chosen to complement their new dark grey windows. Greenhus added slate window sills to reflect the period nature of the surrounding properties. Greenhus was able to position a downpipe to hide the “step” between theirs and the property next door. They now have a warmer home that enjoys protection from the elements, and one that looks great.

Mid-terraced house, Plymouth. Whole new look as part of renovation.

The owner wanted a complete makeover as part of a whole-house renovation. He chose Greenhus to apply a 90mm EPS-based EWI system finished in sage green. Greenhus took great care to ensure we didn’t compromise pedestrian access along the pavement outside, including full scaffold netting. The homeowner is now delighted with the new appearance, which included insulating the gable strips between his and the property below – an area on this type of building that is often overlooked.

Privately-rented mid-terraced house, Plymouth. Great new look also future-proofs owners.

These landlords are passionate about energy-efficiency and wanted to future-proof themselves and their tenants against heating fuel price increases, so they chose Greenhus to apply a 90mm EPS-based EWI system to their terraced home, finished in champagne. They now have a more attractive building with greater kerb appeal, with the security of decades of maintenance-free ownership and fuel savings that will only increase with rising fuel prices.

Mid-terraced house, Plymouth. Cost-neutral efficiency upgrade for privately-rented property.

The owner of this rental property believes in the need for all buildings to be energy-efficient, and wanted to do her bit. She also wanted her tenants to be warmer. As well as meeting these aims, she also found that the property value increased by an amount equal to the cost of the installation of her EWI system by Greenhus! She now has a more energy-efficient property that is more desirable for both future tenants and purchasers.

Mid-terraced house, Saltash. Installation generates new customer enquiry.

This homeowner had a straightforward requirement – to make his home weatherproof, dry and warm, and to improve its appearance. The property had very poor existing render, so we removed it before applying a 90mm EPS-based EWI system finished in virgin white. He’s now delighted with the looks and thermal performance of his home, and has even had someone knock the door to admire his installation and ask for Greenhus’s details!

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