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Houses – Detached

Large detached house, near Taunton. Homeowner enjoys dipping her oil tank!

The homeowner of this solid-brick house wanted to be warmer and to solve condensation problems. Greenhus applied a 90mm EPS-based EWI system finished in ivory, re-creating some of the curves in the wall that existed on this period property. The homeowner now enjoys a home that retains its heat, suffers no condensation, and she now enjoys measuring the oil in her tank – she’s always surprised at how much is left! To complement the new finish, we fitted new downpipes and soil pipes, and took the opportunity to re-route some of the haphazard existing pipework, making the whole house look tidier.

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Large cottage, Fordingbridge. Warmer, drier, and smells nicer.

The homeowners suffered perpetual damp caused mainly by a mix of condensation and damp ingress through their solid-brick walls. Greenhus applied a 90mm EPS-based EWI system, with waterproof finishing render in ivory. Now, they find it easy to maintain a comfortable, even temperature throughout the house with just a trickle of heating. The house has dried out, and smells much nicer. They also have the bonus of improved sound insulation, which is important in their roadside location.

Large farmhouse, Taunton. Complete home makeover with solid slate sills.

The homeowners wanted to make their home warmer, and to enjoy the same finish across the whole of their home (which featured different building methods and finishes). Greenhus specified and applied a 90mm EPS-based system finished in virgin white. To maintain the look and feel of the property, Greenhus fitted new windowsills in solid slate. We also fitted all new downpipes to complement the clean new finish.

Large detached house, edge of Dartmoor. Colour change as part of makeover and thermal upgrade.

Like many Greenhus customers, the homeowners complained of damp and mould, and wanted to give their home a makeover. After interviewing various companies, they chose Greenhus as they were convinced we genuinely cared about the final outcome. They are now warmer and drier, and the look of their home is greatly improved. A 90mm EPS-based system was used, with a silicone render finish in salmon pink.

Large detached house, Dartmoor. Whole-house makeover and weatherproofing.

This home is high on Dartmoor in an exposed location, and over the years had been unsympathetically treated to a synthetic coating that had been poorly applied. The homeowners were concerned to improve the appearance and protection of their home, and improve the thermal values. Greenhus was chosen through local recommendation, and undertook a full strip-back of the whole property before applying a 90mm EPS-based system with a waterproof finishing render is virgin white. Slate window sills were added, in keeping with the period and surrounding property-styles.

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