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Details – Downpipes, Soil-Pipes And Waste-Pipes

New soil-pipes and downpipes.

This shows how we take the opportunity to replace all wall-mounted pipework so that it complements the new façade. We also re-route where possibly, improving function and appearance.

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New downpipes.

Here, we replace the downpipes in brown, and re-designed the routing so it looks tidier and works more efficiently. Greenhus will always include new wall-mounted plasticware (unless you have recently replaced it, in which case we will save cost by cleaning and re-using it).

New soil pipes and downpipes.

This is a great example that shows how replacing tired old pipework can complement the fresh new look of a Greenhus external wall insulation installation.

All new plastic.

This shows it all – new uPVC sill, waste pipe, downpipe and hopper. This is a standard feature of all Greenhus installations – we want you to feel really proud of your new look, so we don’t just re-fit old plastic.

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