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Woolaways bungalow, near Tiverton. Thermal upgrade and makeover to match extension.

These homeowners had built a large extension to their original Woolaways bungalow. Using modern construction methods (and insulation), the extension showed up the poor thermal performance of the remaining original construction, which consists of uninsulated concrete panels. The original bungalow also needed a makeover so it complemented the new extension. Greenhus was chosen to apply a 90mm EPS-based system finished in virgin white. The owners now have a home that’s warm, cosy and easy to heat throughout, and the waterproof finishing render provide protection from the (sometimes) harsh weather they experience on the edge of Exmoor.

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Bungalow, near St Austell. Thermal upgrade to electrically-heated bungalow.

This solid-walled bungalow is electrically-heated, and the owners faced high heating bills in a property that was quick to lose heat. They chose Greenhus to install a 90-mm EPS system finished in Plymouth grey. We made allowances within the installation for the addition of a conservatory, planned for a later date. They now have a home that retains the heat, meaning lower fuel costs and protection against future price increases.

Bungalow, near St Austell. De-humidifier now redundant!

The homeowners experienced terrible condensation in their bungalow, constructed from solid concrete panels. The home was really hard to get warm and keep warm. Before Greenhus applied EWI (finished in mushroom), they regularly ran a de-humidifier to combat the condensation. Afterwards, they now find the property is easy to heat and remains warm, and the de-humidifier has been packed away in the garage. They reported that they were able to now cook a Sunday roast without the kitchen streaming with condensation – for the first time in 40 years!

Privately-rented bungalow, Plymouth. Whole-home makeover, starting with steam-clean.

This solid-brick bungalow is a rented property. It was in a poor state of external repair. Greenhus used an industrial steam cleaner to blast off the existing wall-covering and provide a clean base for a 90mm EPS-based EWI system, finished in virgin white. The bungalow now looks stunning, and the landlord has the peace of mind that come with the knowledge that he has decades of maintenance-free ownership ahead.

Woolaways bungalow, Exmoor. Warming up a home, starting with a pressure-wash.

This Woolaways bungalow sits high on Exmoor. It was hard to heat, and was in a needed a makeover outside. The property was pressure-washed using an industrial-grade unit so Greenhus had a clean substrate on which to apply an EWI system featuring 90mm EPS and finished in champagne. uPVC undersills were fitted so that we didn’t compromise the drainage of the existing windows. The home is now transformed, both visually and in terms of its efficiency – it now needs much less heat input, and holds the heat for much longer.

Bungalow, Tavistock. Warmer and maintenance-free.

This solid-brick bungalow is in an elevated position in Tavistock, and in common with many of the properties treated by Greenhus, was very hard to heat. The owners were fed up of high fuel costs and losing heat rapidly as soon as their heating system was turned off. They also wanted to reduce the maintenance needed on the outside of their home, and wanted to enjoy their retirement years. An EWI system from Greenhus has ticked both boxes – the virgin white finish will never need painting. They now enjoy a cosy home, and are delighted they chose Greenhus. They have particularly noticed the difference in the bathroom and kitchen, which now no longer stream with condensation.

Bungalow, Saltash. Bleach-free home!

The owners of this solid-brick bungalow wanted to make their home cosier and cheaper to heat – like many, they noticed the temperature drop as soon as the heating timer switched to “off”. They regularly had to apply bleach to areas of mould caused by condensation in the bay windows and behind wardrobes. Following the application of a 90mm EPS-based EWI system by Greenhus (finished in champagne), the condensation completely disappeared. The couple are also delighted with the look of their home; they consider it a vast improvement on the original spar-dash.

Woolaways bungalow, near Barnstaple. Stable temperature and slate sills.

The homeowners had a large cavity-walled extension to their Woolaways concrete-panel bungalow, and wanted to address the heat loss through the remaining original structure. They chose Greenhus to apply their EWI after meeting us on our exhibition stand at an Energy Fair in Barnstaple. They now report much less heat loss and much more stable room temperatures, and look forward to years of reduced heating bills. They’re also delighted with the look of their home, and particularly like the appearance of the slate window sills that we installed, which are in keeping with the rural village location.

Privately-rented Woolaways bungalow, Shepton Mallett. Condensation beaten.

The owners of this private rental property wanted to give it a makeover and eradicate condensation issues. Greenhus was chosen to apply EWI, finished in buttermilk to match an existing modern extension. The condensation is now all gone, all the rooms are warmer and the heating bills have gone down by 30% (and this saving will be worth more and more as fuel costs increase). And, the property looks great – it just looks as though it’s been re-painted, and it isn’t obvious that it has had such significant work. Slate sills were chosen to give a slight ”cottagy” feel.

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