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FAQ – About the options you have

1. What colours can I have with external wall insulation?

You can have an almost infinite colour range within a specific range of “lighter” colours with a Light Reflectance Value of more than 20%. (We will offer you colours from a standard palette, or advise you as the suitability of your own choice.)

Light Reflectance Value is a recognised industry measure relating to solar reflectance and heat gain and relates to the use of colours on EWI systems.

Coloured surfaces reflect light and heat (e.g. black clothes absorb heat in summer, white reflects). The lighter the colour, the higher the reflectance. The amount of light that is reflected from a surface is given as a percentage where white has a value of 100% and black a value of 0%. Dark surfaces reflect less light resulting in more absorption, the absorbed energy gets converted to heat.

On EWI systems the heat generated within the render has nowhere to dissipate resulting in more stress on the finished surface, so darker coloured renders with a light reflectance value of 20% or less will be more prone to surface cracking. This is made worse when a low LRV colour is used on larger areas.

2. Can I choose my own colour for external wall insulation?

Yes, and this can be your best option. Our EWI manufacturer will mix to any RAL or BS paint code (subject to its LRV value – see the question above). You will find a range of colours with RAL or BS codes on sites such as www.e-paint.co.uk. As well as getting exactly the colour you want for your EWI, you will have an exact code for any ordinary paints you might need in the future (e.g. for adjacent garden walls) which can then be mixed to match your main house. By choosing your own colour, we avoid the challenges that arise by trying to match your EWI colour to (e.g.) Dulux/Valspar/Crown/Johnstones “cream”. All paint manufacturers have their own codes, which they will not release for commercial reasons. Matching then becomes a trial and error exercise. By having you own paint code, you have total control, and all colouring, whether EWI or woodwork/masonry paint, will be guaranteed to be uniform.

3. What finishes are there for external wall insulation?

The finishing render used for EWI systems is lightly textured. The textured is achieved using grains suspended in the liquid render. These grains come in a variety of sizes – the larger the grain, the coarser the finish. The 1.5mm grain is extremely popular. Coarser grains cost more and take longer to apply, so are chosen only for the most specific of reasons. Brick-slips are used to re—create the “brick-built” look, and spar-dash finishes are also available.

4. What window sill options are there for external wall insulation?

Adding EWI will increase the thickness of your walls, and will in the majority of cases mean you will lose your existing window sills. Greenhus installers will create add new sills or sill extensions, depending on the requirements of your property and your own choice of sill design. We will discuss and offer a range of sill designs at survey stage – you can view our range here. To find out how Greenhus takes account of these and other property features, call us on 01822 819 911 or complete our contact form.

5. Can existing fittings be re-used with external wall insulation (e.g. soil pipes and downpipes)?

Yes, although at Greenhus we strongly believe these should be replaced with new. If not, the risk is that you will have a beautiful, clean new façade but attention will be drawn to old and tired pipework. Unless we agree otherwise (for example, you may have just had new downpipes fitted), we will also include the replacement of all wall-mounted pipework in your quotation. To find out what else we provide for you in your comprehensive and inclusive fixed-price quotation, call us on 01822 819 911 or complete our contact form.

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