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Want to transform your home?

Over time, all properties deteriorate. Paint may fade or flake, render may crack or the property may simply weather badly.

If your home or business needs work, consider paying more and doing the job once.

Choosing External Wall Insulation from Greenhus means you will have a BBA-approved system, installed by a BBA-approved installation company (BBAI 9034). You’ll get a long-lasting system in a choice of colours, with a flexible, 100% waterproof finishing render that can totally transform your home.

And, we’ll fit all new pipework to your walls and create new window sills for you – a whole-house approach that ensures each part of your installation complements the other components.

Don’t forget – as well as transforming your home on the outside, it’ll be totally different inside!

  • Warmer and cosier
  • Less chance of condensation/mould

Scroll through the library below to see how External Wall Insulation from Greenhus can:

  • Transform your home
  • Give you back pride in your home
  • Make you the envy of your neighbours, and
  • Keep you warm and save you money on heating

To find out how to give your home or business a makeover, simply call Greenhus on 01822 819 911 or complete our Contact Form.

Discover how External Wall Insulation from Greenhus can transform your home or business premises - complete our Contact Form and we’ll call you back, or speak to us on 01822 819 911

To find out how Greenhus can help you plan a great improvement to your home or business,
complete our Contact Form or call us on 01822 819 911