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Want to save money on heating?


The costs of heating your home or business have traditionally risen faster than inflation, becoming more expensive in real terms. Heating is something we all need, so it makes sense to save cost and free up money to spend elsewhere. External Wall Insulation by Greenhus saves you money by ensuring your building retains more of its heat, so your heating system won’t work as long or as hard. We achieve this by reducing the heat loss through your walls.

In many cases, we can reduce the heat loss through your walls by as much as 5/6! Whilst you’ll still lose heat through windows and doors, the improved thermal performance of your walls will lead to significant savings on heating costs.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates savings of £455 per year for the average detached house, and £260 per year for the average semi-detached house (assuming both are heated by gas).

As fuel costs rise, so the savings become greater, so as well as insulating yourself against heat loss, you’re insulating yourself against the effect of rising energy costs.

Plus, you’ll enjoy many other benefits which you can explore here. External Wall Insulation can help in lots of other ways, as explored more fully on the following pages of this section.

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