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Renovating or extending your home?

Whether you’re planning a renovation or refurbishment of your home or business, or perhaps extending it, talk to Greenhus.

For certain property-types, External Wall Insulation from Greenhus is the perfect complement. You will massively improve the thermal performance of your walls, and protect your property with a 100% waterproof layer that will shield it from the elements for decades to come.

For new-build extensions, External Wall Insulation can be part of an alternative to traditional cavity-build – an alternative that’s quick to install.

Talk to Greenhus early on – when choosing External Wall Insulation, it’s important that all trades are aware, so that allowances can be made for certain details.

Even if you’re just planning on replacing your windows before the External Wall Insulation is installed, talk to us – we can advise on how your new windows should be located to minimise thermal bridging and enhance the finished appearance of the building.

Externally-fixed pipework also needs to be planned carefully to take account of the increased wall thickness.

Scheduling is also important – the application of the External Wall Insulation has to be carefully programmed (although it’s usually towards the end of the project).

Greenhus has been involved in many installations that feature more than just External Wall Insulations, from simple window replacements to full-blown renovations. We will liaise with all trades to make sure your External Wall Insulation is seamlessly integrated.

Committed to renovating?

  • Improve the thermal performance of your walls
  • Be more energy-efficient
  • Choose a 100% protective finish that won’t need decorating
  • Suitable for new-build extensions

To find out how External Wall Insulation from Greenhus can be the perfect complement to your renovation, simply call us on 01822 819 911 or complete our Contact Form.

Discover how External Wall Insulation from Greenhus can transform your home or business premises - complete our Contact Form and we’ll call you back, or speak to us on 01822 819 911

To find out how Greenhus can help you plan a great improvement to your home or business,
complete our Contact Form or call us on 01822 819 911